Kitchen knife shapes and uses

There are a lot of unique and bizarre-looking knife blades around the world but only a few are actually practical for everyday kitchen use. Now we are going to list our favourite shapes that work for the kitchen the best...
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5 Knives For Beginner Cooks

If you’ve been wanting to start your culinary journey and are looking for the right knives to start it with, then you’ve come to the right place. We have selected our most comfortable, easy to use and sharp knives for you to start your career even if its just home cooking. The kitchen knives you need will largely depend on where you are in your cooking journey. Here we have the most common types you’ll encounter as you develop your skills over time.

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6 reasons to buy Damascus Steel kitchen knives

Whether you are from the kitchen industry or just a regular at-home cook, you have probably heard about Damascus steel especially if you are searching for a handmade knife. This steel has fame, long history and mistery around it like no other steel had or will ever have. And we are here to talk about why you should consider buying Damascus steel kitchen knives, but first, let’s find out

What is Damascus steel?

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What are the best steels for kitchen knives?

As the professional cooking world continues to go towards handmade knives, steel remains as the best material for the blades of kitchen knives. But there are quite a few types of steels out there and it is hard to choose the best one.

Before purchasing a kitchen knife, you better know what the material of the blade is and what it says about the quality of the knife. And don’t worry about the research; we have made the job easy with our list of the best steels for kitchen knives...

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Best chef's knives available in 2020: Our picks

A chef’s knife, or cook’s knife, is a large bladed tool used in a variety of food preparation techniques. In general, it will have a blade length of 8” and a height of 1.5 – 2”, although many models will range in length from about 6 – 14” and can measure up to 3” in depth. The actual shape of the blade is determined by the style it’s meant to emulate. If you’ll visualize a straight line from the base of the heel to the point of the tip, the area below this imaginary line is where the main difference lies. Now let's see our picks for the best chef's knives available in 2020.
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Which is sharper: a Ceramic or Steel blade?

Whether you’re in a search for the sharpest knife or just interested in these two types of blades, here you’ll find the answer to this question. Naturally, having a sharp knife is crucial for every cook and a lot of people are not sure which knife to buy. We are here to help you out with that decision especially if you're interested in ceramic and steel blades.
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