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5 Things About Coolina Knives That Just Make Sense

Why thousands of home cooks, steak lovers, and grillers are raving about them...



good for anything

Coolina knives are actually amazing for any task. These bad boys cut steak like hot butter and can even slice through rubber crocs like nothing. Vegetables are a breeze too, even large cabbage is just effortless. Even other outdoor tasks like chopping firewood or cutting rope.


razor sharp “cuts anything like butter”

Every time one of my friends tries cutting something with Coolina’s knives, their first reaction is always “WOW! It just cut through that like hot butter”. Also these are made from high carbon steel so the blades stays sharp for a long time.


they look bada$$

I’m completely in love with the design. These remind of the viking era and medieval times. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a manly knife like this one and its been really enjoyable to use. I’m also into the rustic look, especially with my home decor, so these match perfect and look great in my kitchen. I actually leave them on display for the most part because they look awesome.


super ergonomic wooden handle

Unlike other knives I’ve used in the past, these knives just feel natural in your hand. It’s really comfortable to grip so I find myself using them for hours without the cramps I would get with my other knives.


perfect weight and balance

I noticed the weight and balance of these knives are major factors of the knife feeling “effortless” to use. It’s just heave enough where you don’t have to apply much pressure to cut things and it makes prep more efficient and more enjoyable. Also the balance plays a big role in the knife’s handling. But that’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself to understand.

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

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